GREP Cheat Sheet

GREP in InDesign is a powerful way to find patterns of text, then do something to that found text. To create a GREP expression that forms the basis of that search pattern, you'll need to [...]

Create InDesign Text Styles Automatically

I've been using a script to create paragraph and character styles automatically for quite some time and I'd like to share that script with you. It was developed by Thomas Silkjaer in Denmark and he has [...]

Order Your Content Around with InDesign’s Articles Panel

InDesign Articles panel’s main purpose is easier ePub creation. It allows you to control the output order of document items when exporting to ePub, HTML, or tagged PDF. After opening the Articles panel, drag the [...]

Practice Safe Style Editing

If you have your Type tool in a text frame in InDesign and start editing a Paragraph or Character Style, you'll end up assigning any style you click on to the selected text. If you don't want [...]

Just What the Heck is GREP?

One of my favorite InDesign playthings is GREP. Don't let the techno-acronym scare you...GREP is not only fun, but so useful that I wonder how we got along without it before. In my GREP tips, [...]

Simple (But Powerful) Character Styles

Character styles can be as simple as a font style or a color. To create a character style that just adds bold styling (we'll call it BOLD), set up the style so that the only [...]