August 2016

  • GREPfindbyrange_thumb

Using GREP in InDesign: Find by Range

Find a range of numbers or letters in your InDesign file using GREP's character classes. These special groups let you not only find [...]

July 2016

  • StylesParaVsChar

InDesign: Paragraph vs. Character Styles

Are you confused about the difference between paragraph styles and character styles in InDesign? Not to worry, because I explain the purpose of [...]

May 2016

  • KeynoteMagicMove_thumb.002

Apple Keynote: Magic Move

For this video, I take a break from GREP in InDesign and check out Apple's Keynote. More specifically, I take a look at the [...]

  • GREPlocations_thumb

Using GREP in InDesign: Find by Location

Sometimes when working with GREP in InDesign, you need to control where to conduct a text search. Using location markers, you can direct [...]

April 2016

  • ProdApps-4

Apps I Use to Boost My Productivity

When I'm not working in my creativity apps, I'm usually using one of several different productivity tools to get my other work done. [...]

  • GREPwildcards_thumb

Using Wildcards with GREP in InDesign

The key to using GREP in InDesign is being able to define patterns. So, instead of looking for specific text (like the number 3 [...]

  • IntroGREP_thumb

Introduction to GREP in InDesign

If you've been wanting to start using GREP in InDesign (and you'll want to once you see what it can do), check out [...]

  • IntroChannelThumb2

Look! I Have a Video Channel!